Read on and learn what Harvard-educated Jonathan V. Wright, MD has studied and researched for us: an extensive list of everyday products and the illnesses they can prevent and cure.


They will..

  Slash your cholesterol levels

  Cure most chronic pain

  Control your diabetes

  Fight cancer

  Help you breathe easier

  Soothe insect bites and burns

  Fight indigestion

The list goes on


His peers have acclaimed Jonathan V. Wright MD a hero. He recently received the Linus Pauling Lifetime Achievement award for his breakthroughs in Medicine. His newsletter

 Nutrition and Healing has kept American readers abreast of the real progress in modern healthcare.  Up until recently, the medical profession ridiculed him for his unorthodox approach to medicine but now he is winning accolades.


In this issue, read about - -

Mustardthe cancer fighting miracle

Sugar cane. the spectacular cholesterol-lowering non-drug approach

Chili peppersthe amazing pain reliever

Cinnamonkeeps your diabetes in control

Garlic another cholesterol fighter..lowers your triglycerides too

Parsleynot just a garnish for your soups.


But dont take my word for it. Read what other healthcare professionals have said about Dr. Wrights information. Search the Internet and you WILL confirm the studies Dr. Wright outlines and those that he has pioneered. Find out inside why thousands of doctors and other healthcare professionals flock to his seminars. Read how he has helped over 35,000 patients beat heart disease, cancer arthritis, diabetes and more (page 5 inside)


I guarantee you will not want to miss another issue. No other newsletter gives you so much detailed information in one issue and leaves you anxiously waiting for the next issue to be published. Get FREE gifts too (See Page 10 for our offer)


Dear Friend:

You follow progress in medicine with careful interest. You want to take part in your own healing process. You want a doctor who is willing to partner with you and show you how to improve your health.

Recently physicians from all over the world attended an unusual ceremony. They had gathered to honor a very special man who may believe to be one of the greatest medical geniuses of our time:

Jonathan V. Wright, MD
and they awarded him the very first Linus Pauling Award for
 Lifetime Achievement in Natural Medicine.

A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright has been practicing natural and nutritional medicine in Tacoma Clinic in Kent, Washington since 1973. With extensive research of volumes of library and clinical research, and tens of thousands of clinical consultations, he is exceptionally qualified to bring you the most comprehensive, up-to-date information and the best and most effective natural therapies developed in this and other preceding cultures.


Jonathan V. Wright believes in the right for each of us to choose whatever means we wish to care for ourselves. Borrowing from those famous words in the Declaration of Independence, his newsletter Nutrition and Healing urges readers to remember their inalienable right to life, liberty,and freedom of choice --  choice in health care.


On the following pages you will learn about some of the breakthrough discoveries that have given hope to patients who despaired of all the other therapies they have tried to no avail... some even causing more harm than good.


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Friend -- dont suffer another minute!
Read this, ALL the other issues, and the BONUS reports you will receive and
 Let Jonathan V. Wright show you how.









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